5 Tips to Avoid Bias in Recruitment?

Research studies suggest that in a job interview, the interview actually is over in just 10 seconds. It could be put like this as well, the impression that a candidate creates in the mind of the interviewer in the first 10 seconds of an interview has quite a large impact on the interview outcome. This is attributed to the general attitude of the employers to choose the candidate they like. But, it is indeed important to ask a question to yourself as an HR recruiter or an employer as to whether it is important for you to hire a person you like or hire one who will help in the growth of the organization.

This is not to undermine the fact that the person whom you as an employer like may indeed be a valuable contributor too. But, it is all about letting the likeability factor overrule all other factors that you should employ to make recruitments without a bias. The apps for recruiter is supposed to be effective in eliminating such biases and find qualified candidates who can be more productive. It is important to choose candidates without bias as recruitments based on unconscious, racism, likeability, ageism, and sexism can bring about changes in the work culture that might be detrimental for the smooth functioning of the organization.

How to Avoid Biases in Recruitment

Being honest and not letting insufficient, flawed information from dominating the hiring process and using both the Job finder apps and direct interview process will help you to conduct an objective interview and choose a right and productive candidate.

Work on the Job Listing

The job listing actually speaks a lot more than you think about the company’s culture. Take time to make a job listing that would suit the recruitment app as well as other forms of recruitment you are planning and ensure that it is consistent.

Standardize Interview Questions

Structured interview with the same set of questions for people will help to minimize bias and focus on the factors that would influence performance.

Use Work Sample Tests

Asking the candidates to take up a work sample test and analyzing it thoroughly would help you in predicting the efficiency and future job performance standards of the candidate.

Be Aware of Unconscious Biases

Most often than not, biases are the result of the recruiter not being aware that he has certain biases. While selecting a pool of candidates for interview based on the applications from mobile recruiting apps will be able to restrict the bias, identifying and addressing the problem trough bias awareness training programs would be the right step forward to avoid biases.

Hire by Setting Diversity Goals

Diversity in the workforce has been found to be offering business advantages. Therefore setting diversity goals would help you as a recruiter to choose the best of the candidates in the category thereby avoiding the bias of choosing the same type of talents or just the people you like.

The job finder apps and recruiter apps are very effective in attracting a talented pool of workers which would be beneficial to the organization if the choice is made based on competence, without bias.

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[…] Read More on that Topic: quikhiring.com/blog/5-tips-avoid-bias-recruitment/ […]

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