What Are The Benefits of Video Resume Over Traditional Resumes

To snatch a great job offer one need to impress their employer from the very beginning. If you are able to create that first impression then your chances of getting selected become greater. A well-developed resume is the best thing that can help to create the best impression. It is the time when people are becoming more tech savvy and employers like to hire such talents that have enough grip on technology and internet. Under such situation, one need to do something very innovative to grab eyeballs of the employers. This is the reason video resume is creating so much buzz among the young generation and the employers as well.

The recruitment process has changed a lot with time and one need to cope up with these changes to win the battle and grab the job. Nowadays employers keep an eye on the apps for job seekers to find out talents as per their requirements. If you can develop an impressive video resume and upload it in some good job search apps for android then you can attract many attentions within a very limited time. An old traditional resume written on a piece of paper cannot create such impression that can be created by a video resume.

  • One can express their talents in a better way when they can speak about it. If some are writing it down then they may miss something or could not write that specifically and cannot show it in a paper. But they can easily do it when they are speaking about it.
  • When prospective employers are reading your resume they hardly can guess your personality. But when they are watching you in your video resume through some job seeking apps then they can understand your personality very well. This is very helpful grab some most desired job opportunities.
  • One can easily showcase certain talents through a video resume that are quite impossible to express through the traditional resume. Especially when you are looking a job in digital media, photography, technical field, sales and marketing, and such other jobs you can present your talents through video resume very easily.
  • When you are using some good recruitment app and submitting a video resume instead of a printed paper resume, then your employer already know that you are tech savvy and can easily adopt recent trends. Many recruiters want candidates with such qualities and thus you will get extra points for that.
  • You don’t need to have excellent writing skill and just need to be yourself to present your video CV. This is also very easy to record and upload such resume. It takes limited time and lesser effort as well.

These are the reasons that video CV has become more convenient and promising than traditional printed resume. People can get a job more easily this way and can set up a good career as well. Technology is everywhere nowadays and it is really very important to apply it to make a great and impressive resume.

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Tya Morrisey

Are employers really okay with video resumes? I’ve always rejected this format because it’s too intrusive and quite specific. But maybe I was wrong all along.

gek kar

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