Why Video Resume is the Future of Recruiting?

Gone are those olden days where job seekers searched for a job ad in the newspaper. Accordingly, they prepared their paper resumes and applied for the job. However, with the inclination towards rapid digitalization, using video resume app, has replaced this paper application process totally. Hence, recruiters must think as to why video resume is considered as the future of their recruitment process. Are you a recruiter? If that is so, you must know that the activities with regard to recruitment have changed a lot today.

This is owing to the rapid growth in the present day digital technology across the world. In a similar way, as a job seeker, you can prepare your CV through a video cv app, instead of filing your paper resume and application for the job. In general, applying for jobs and the hiring procedure has synchronized with the modern time. This consists of robotics, the internet, and artificial intelligence. Hence, the next steps that you can take as a recruiter are to move towards video resumes.

What is Meant by a Video Resume?

Recruiters of today must know that video resumes are mini personal ads that reflect a resume in a format that is concise. Video resumes, prepared through video cv mobile app, will be certainly interesting and interactive also. It acts as a guaranteed method of communication between the recruiter and the job seeker. Through video resume app, the video resume that you submit will be in the digital format. As a recruiter, it will help you to understand the candidate more clearly. This is possible when you look at the video consisting of the information about the professional and personal details of the candidate.

Switching to Video Resumes

At present most of the interview sessions are usually held by the interviewer either over the phone or face to face. However, the future trend in the recruitment process indicates that video resumes will be used. This change in switching to video cv app might take some time. This is owing to the reason that not all the recruiters in the recruiting industry have adopted the idea of accepting video resumes. Hence, companies like QuikHiring have started using video cv techniques by adopting more creative ideas. The technology used for the preparation of resumes through video cv mobile app is linked to areas like media or design, and art. So, you can always place trust on the concept of video resume as your future recruiting procedure.

Advantages of Video Resume Based Interviews

The advantages of conducting video resume based interviews as a recruiter are more. In fact, for arranging a personal interview with the candidate, you need to spend a great deal of time. This may include arranging a conference room for that purpose, coordinating with everybody involved in the process of hiring, funding the candidate’s travel expense to the place of interview. All these activities incur expenditure, which can be cut down by inviting video resume prepared through video resume app, from the candidates. By viewing these video resumes, you can shortlist the candidates.

This is why video resume plays an important role in the future of your recruitment process. Go ahead, and use video resumes as your method of recruitment in the future.

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