Throw away TEXT CV, Go with 5th Generation Video Profile CV & Share Proudly on Social Media

The word interview sounds very scary all the time. We need to go through many interviews in our lives. From our own school to our children’s school we face many kinds of interviews. But, job interviews are very much special for us. The result of job interviews decides our future and thus we need to prepare ourselves properly.

Curriculum Vitae or CV plays a very important role for getting a job. We spend a lot of time to set up great CV that can impress the recruiters. But, those days are gone when text CVs were the only option we had. This is the modern era where people like digital representation. Nowadays people spend so much time in social media and browse videos all the time. This is the reason 5th generation video profile CV has become a first preference for new generation.

Text CV can only tell your details and recruiters do not get any idea about your personality and confidence when they read out these CVs. But video profile CV can tell a lot more about you. Recruitment mobile apps are the new tool that people prefer to most to hire talents nowadays. You are always recommended to submit your video profile CV there. There are many reasons that you should prepare your video CV now:

  • Firstly, when recruiters get you video CV they know that you are the person who know and adopt new trends and techniques.
  • Unlike text CVs in video CVs recruiters can see you in front of them just like face to face interview.
  • An intro video is not just another way to introduce yourself to the job world, but it is the ultimate way to represent your confidence and nice personality in front of recruiters.
  • In an intro video you can show how much professional you are through your appearance.
  • Once you have made your introduction profile video you can share it on social media. This way, your video profile can get maximum digital promotion.
  • When you share your video CV on social media then a lot of people can get to see it. Many companies keep an eye on social media to pick good candidates. If they find your video CV and get impressed, you get a better chance to get some face to face interview calls.

Now, this is the high time that you make your profile CV to grab the best job opportunities. Just record your intro using your mobile phone and submit them to recruitment app and share it on social media.

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