Should You Ask for Feedback on Your Interview Performance?

Are you a job seeker and have successfully applied for a job through the best app for job search available, today? The next thing that you can expect is an interview call from your prospective employer. You will have to prepare well for the interview, with the help of job seekers app. Given that the interview went well, you may want to ask for feedback on your interview performance. Yes! You can ask the interviewer for feedback on your performance. However, this is possible only when the recruiting panel gives you a chance to seek answers to your performance, as a part of apps for recruiters. On the other hand, they may not provide you the feedback instantly but may ask you to wait for their answers, at a later date.

Pointers For Asking An Interview Feedback

You can follow a few pointers for finding out about your interview feedback through apps for recruiters. Keep your email short and mention only the concerned points. Avoid unwanted details, but be professional in your approach. Provide time, at least three days for the HR to reply. Though it is tough to wait for the result, be patient.

Tips For Receiving Feedback

1. Feedback During Interview

Sometimes you may receive feedback about your performance during the course of the interview itself. Even if the interviewer is not very specific about the result, you can judge the result by observing the interviewer’s body language, facial expressions or reactions to your answers. Through the recruitment app, while attending an interview, you may notice that the interviewer may spend extra time with you. This, of course, is a positive sign as he may desire to know more about your aims and ambitions. Try to end the interview on a positive note. This will provide you a proper chance to find out about the feedback of the interview.

2. Self Analysis

You can conduct a self-analysis after the interview is completed. Mentally you can go over the questions asked and your reply to them. This attitude will make you realize your mistakes as well. If an important accomplishment was forgotten to be mentioned, you can do so in your thank you letter. This surely will boost your confidence.

3. Follow Up With Recruiter

Everyone usually expects positive feedback after attending an interview. After the interview session is over, you need to think about your next step, if you do not get feedback, immediately. All that you need to do is to send an email through recruitment app, thanking the interview panel. In the email, you can ask the HR of the panel for feedback, politely. This action reveals that you are positive and a strong contender for the job. Further, your attitude in this direction also shows that you are interested in taking up the job, as part of professional ethics. In case the answer is negative, you may be able to detect some valuable tips from the feedback, which will perhaps assist in your following interview.

Attending an interview through the best app for job search requires a lot of earnest effort. You certainly will put in the maximum effort to be successful. Hence, you should surely find out about your performance, and the company’s feedback, through job seekers app, to make your next move. Therefore, ask for feedback without hesitation in a polite manner.

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