QuikHiring, a mobile job app that allows recruiters to post jobs and invite candidates for the video interview from their smartphones has now rolled out an update to its web version. Recruiters can login to it’s web version on http://recruiter.quikhiring.com with the same login credentials, you use on mobile app.

QuikHiring Features for Recruiters at a Glance:

  • Login using Facebook or Google+ with one click.
  • Recruiters can search the candidate and watch the intro video. They can send an invitation to the candidate to give an interview.
  • Recruiters can make the template of questions for the video interview.
  • Recruiters can set the created template or new questions for interview video.
  • These questions will be used at the time of video interview by candidate.
  • Recruiters can post as many jobs as they want for multiple offices. Recruiter can set the questions for video interview for each job.
  • Recruiters can share interview video to colleagues and they can rate the video. Recruiters can see the overall rating of the video. Each invitee can rate only once.
  • Recruiters can invite registered or non-registered candidate for a video interview by entering email address.
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