Is Video Interview The Unique Trend For Recruitment?

Hiring process takes time. But the duration of the hiring process is taking longer than ever. One of the reasons is that the competition level has increased and employers want only the best for the vacant posts. If you are appearing for an interview, you should not expect an early reply from the company. According to a research conducted by Glassdoor Economic, the average interview process now takes 23 days, up from the previous 13 days and this change has happened in just 4 years. This trend can be seen across the globe and it is the norm in North America, Germany, France and Australia. But there is hope in the form Video interview. It is the unique trend in recruitment. Online video interviews provide many companies with a solution for the recruitment challenges they have to deal with on a daily basis. There is the best job finding apps in the online world. Candidates are using job search apps to find jobs and employers are using this great format to reach out to more candidates. Prospective candidates are posting video resume on job seekers app to get selected quickly.

Video interviews are here to stay. Though this method of interview was there for years technology has now given it a definite shape and momentum. It has become the new era of recruitment. You can find various best recruitment apps that are being used for the interview. One thing that goes in favor of video interview is that it is good for both parties: the employer and the candidates. For those people who have less time, video interviews can be a lifeline. As the technology has improved and it is in place, the world of recruitment is quickly moving towards this form of the interview. You will be surprised to know that close to two-thirds of hiring managers are already using video interviews to locate and hire talent, according to a study done by US-based recruiter OfficeTeam. This figure is likely to increase in the near future as Australia finally is getting its long-awaited national broadband network. Many pre-hiring experts or agencies have invested significantly in this space, always with the end goal of providing brilliant candidate experience and ease of use for the recruiting company. Jobs search apps are making a significant mark in the recruitment market.

Here are some valid reasons why you should consider using video interviews in your recruitment process:

Saves a Lot of Resources

Screening candidates during interview take a lot of time. You have to invest resources and also put hours of hard work to find the right candidates. The candidates have to travel to attend the interview. On the other hand, if you opt for the video interview, it will save your time as well as resources. You don’t have to travel and most importantly, you don’t need space or any other resources to conduct the interview. With video interviews, managers and candidates can easily go online at a place and time that is convenient to them without wasting valuable time and resources.

Boost Chances of Selecting Right Candidates

Online video interviews are a great way to screen a prospective candidate in a quick time. It provides a better first round screening and thereby increases the chances of selecting the most suitable candidate for a particular post. With online interviews, it is possible to base the first selection not just on your CV (knowledge and experience), but also on the ‘soft skills’. Video interviews give you ample time in your hands as each interview can be done in a short period of time and this gives you enough time to screen more candidates. This way, without investing too much time or resources, you are able to find best candidates for your company. Another important thing is that you can record conversations and rank or comment on the candidate’s responses. The process makes it a lot easier to compare and review candidates

Reduction in Time to Hire

If you take a look at any recruitment process in any big company, you will find that it is quite a lengthy process. All the recruitment process such as announcement of vacant posts in media, interview scheduling, face-to-face interview and other interview related tasks take a lot of time. Today, candidates demand a fast and efficient process of recruiting candidates. Companies that can invite candidates and select them quickly have an advantage. Reducing the time to hire candidates by using video interviews offers organizations a chance to stay ahead of the competition and recruit the best talent in the IT industry and other sectors.

Today, both employers and candidates want the job interview process to be little simple and quicker. Candidates are using many best job searching apps to find a job by facing the entire interview process. If you are a prospective candidate, you can use job seekers app to send your resume for selection. Earlier, an interview used to take a lot of time and the entire process needed a lot of time and resources. But with the advent of the video interview, life has become easier for both employers and candidates. You can post your video resume to increase the chances of getting selected even better. In this format, you can decide the time and both can sit in front of the webcam to discuss issues related to interviewing. It is for sure the employer can check both the knowledge of the candidate as well as the soft skills. The two parties are in a win-win situation.

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