10 Important Things to Consider Before Making a Candidate a Job Offer

Employees are real assets of a company. They can change the fate of a company. They can make or break a company. In other words, a right employee can streamline your business and take it a notch higher. Recruitment is done both online and offline. There are many hiring agencies that do the recruitment process for many businesses. Many companies directly recruit right employees with the help of their HR team. There are online recruitment agencies that are quite popular in the field of hiring candidates for various sectors. Nowadays, you have recruitment mobile app to select right candidates for vacant posts in a company. Best recruitment apps are quite popular with employers or recruiters and they use the easy features and other facilities to find the right candidates for their companies. There are many apps for recruiters that act as a meeting platform for employers and potential employees. Mobile recruitment app has made life easy for companies looking for productive employees.

In this competitive business world, you should go for the best. Hiring a right employee is not an easy job. If you are able to pick a right employee for a particular job, then there is no looking back for your company. Hiring the right employee is a tedious job and also time-consuming. Hiring the right employee, on the other hand, increases employee productivity, builds great teamwork, and creates a positive impact on your total work environment. But when you choose a wrong employee, you will lose a lot of money because interview process takes a long time and you have to spend money on it. Replacing the wrong candidate with a right candidate will take time and it means a loss of money. Your productivity will also get affected. Hiring a wrong or inefficient employee can affect your work process. You can take the help of apps for recruiters to find suitable candidates. These days many, companies are using recruitment mobile app or mobile recruiting app to interview the candidates and hire them according to their merits.

Start Your Job Hunt With Job Analysis

Recruiting a new person or employee is your call. If your business is doing well, you may need new employees to take on the growing demands and deliver results. You have to figure out which department needs new faces and how much money you have to spend to include them in your team. Critically evaluate your existing resources and also analyze your annual expenditure, revenue, and other important factors before starting your job hunt.

Proper Discussion is Quite Necessary for Selection of Right Candidate

The hiring manager is the authority who should have the final say in making the job offer, but recruiters or HR staff might have a different perspective about the candidate. This is why communication between the recruiter or HR staff and the hiring manager is quite important for selection of a right candidate.

Your Hiring Decisions Should Begin With a Right Job Description

As a recruiter, you should be aware of the fact that right job description will help you to select the right candidate. Incorporate all the requisite skills set that are needed for the vacant post. Identify the behavioral skills and qualities that are necessary to add value to that role.  Make sure these essential points are well within the job.

Talk With The Candidate

It would be great if you talk with the candidate on the phone where you can discuss the terms of employment with the candidate and ask him to come for an interview. Remember that they might have other offers, but you should put all your efforts to make them join your esteemed company, but don’t be surprised if they don’t share the same vibes and decline your offer.

Ask The Right Job Interview Questions to The Candidates

Right questions matter in selecting good candidates. You should have a set of right questions that will bring out the qualities of a potential employee. It will help you to find the right candidate for a particular post. Interview questions should help you separate desirable candidates from average candidates and it is fundamental in hiring a good employee.

Check Backgrounds And References When Hiring an Employee

Effective background checks will help you to isolate the wrong candidates and hire the right candidates. You need to verify their educational qualifications, skill sets, credit history and other factors. The background checks must include work references, especially former supervisors, employers and also identification from neighbors

Medical Examination is Quite Important

You can opt for medical examination to check the general health of a candidate and also you can trace any illegal substances such as drugs in a candidate’s body. If you opt for a medical test, it must be conducted on all the candidates, not just on certain individuals.

Police Verification of Candidates is Good for Your Organization

You should check police records to find whether your potential employee has any criminal past. This will help you to avoid any untoward incident and also an unnecessary embarrassment. You should consider this type of verification if the job involves dealing with vulnerable individuals, children or valuable items.

Candidates Should Have All Necessary Documents

Your potential employee should have all necessary documents such as work permits, citizenship, identity cards, bank account, address proof etc. You should ensure that all the necessary documents are legal otherwise you might have to face action by the concerned authorities.

Make the Offer

If you are happy with the personality and performance of the candidate in the interview, you should make him an offer. You should tell him the rules and the regulations of the company. You should tell him about the work culture of the company and also provide him other necessary information.


Hiring a right person is quite important for the growth of a company. An efficient employee can take your company a notch higher with his expertise, integrity and hard work. Today, employers and recruiters take the help of many apps for recruiters to find right candidates. You can use best recruitment apps to meet your potential employees and also select them with a set of questions. A recruitment mobile app provides a platform for employers to interact with a lot of candidates and they can recruit candidates on merit basis.

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