How to Showcase Your Experience and Get Hired

Writing a resume is not just about enlarging your experience section, as it’s said that a recruiter spent about 6-seconds on the average resume. In this case, indeed growing your experience section is not going to work as the recruiter might not even pay attention to it. There are chances that they might not see your skills.

While reading a resume, all these recruiters are looking for just the keywords and buzzwords to assess how good you are. To write a good resume and to make recruiter to see your skills and get hired.

Let’s be honest with each other reading isn’t something that people of this era like and they want you to show them what you got. They don’t want to read a resume to see what you got instead they are more interested to see what you got. Visual experiences are natural to consume, more accessible to concede. You can create video resume with the help of video resume app. As we all know, a picture is worth 1,000 words. If you are wondering what can be done, below are some essential tools that will answer your question “How to Showcase Your Experience and Get Hired?”

Tools That Showcase Your Abilities To Recruiters

Let me tell you one thing, making a visual appearance is not as easy as writing a resume. It will take time to grow to a more visual illustration of work experience as the system is not set up for visual just yet. Though with the help of modern technology you can do that, here are five tools that showcase your abilities to recruiters. Some of the below-mentioned tools are visual; some are not.

Apps that work on is a business and employment-oriented service It is quite easy to stand out from the crowd if you have a strong professional social media presence. We all know about these job search apps, to stand out on these apps, create a strong headline, a professional profile picture and all of your experience needed to be filled out with exciting content that is focused on real results and your skills. Other than this the most important thing to do is get involved in some good conversation that will add value to your job seekers app profile. Doing this will bring you under the eye of the recruiter by showcasing your skills.

Video Resumes

To get hired you need to showcase your skill. Now instead of using old conventional resumes, you can use the modern Video Resume. With this, you can tell your skills and experience in a way better. Video resumes are the natural way of making a Visual appearance. Instead of writing a conventional resume you can make a video describing all your skills, the best part is that recruiter will not skip a video resume and certainly would pay more attention to it.


Your skills grow over the time and to showcase the advanced skills that you developed over all these years you can take help from the various sites that offer business and employment-oriented service. These websites will provide you with the more ways to create an interactive resume. With the help of these websites, you can create more appealing and visual resumes, and you can tell a more visible story of your skills, experience, and timeline And create a resume that your recruiter is going to view for more than 6 seconds for sure. To create a more professional social media presence simply link your modern-resume to all the job portals and best job apps.

Using these two ways will help you your experience to the recruiter and get hired. Just as I mentioned before creating your visual appearance is going to take some time, so don’t wait any more time and start today.

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