A Quick Guide to Perfect Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are considered as the best method in order to gain a clear picture of companies or jobs that are of more interest to you. Given that you are a job seeker, then through the use of job search apps, it is possible for you to reach out to as many as informational interview job positions. In this way, you can establish many professional connections through the best job apps. This process, ultimately, helps you to land in one of your dream jobs of your career that is of interest to you. Here is a quick guide to making a perfect informational interview that enables you to seek a job directly through mobile recruiting apps. In fact, Informational interviews are often considered as open doors for getting into new opportunities of your choice.

How To Plan Your Ideal Informational Interview

  • Researching A Specific Person
    You must know that there are several methods to find people to reach out about informational interviews. In this regard, as a part of job search apps, it is recommended to start by making a list of dream companies and potential job titles available on the web. You can also do your research for preparing this list through LinkedIn. When once you find a perfect person to speak with, all that you need to do is to convince him to have a job discussion. Further, it is suggested to look up their work history, educational background, and previous awards or certifications on Linkedin. You can search them through Google and find out if they have been interviewed or featured on the web. Using the best job apps, you can also check whether they have their bio-data on their company’s team page. Searching through Twitter is another best way. You can send an email to them and explain as to why you want to have an informational interview with them.
  • Having a Learning Goal In Your Mind
    Prior to reaching out to anyone about an informational interview, it is essential for you to prepare a list of three or four goals for yourself. Then, each time you get someone to agree to speak with you, prepare another list of your specific goals for that meeting. As a part of mobile recruiting apps, everyone’s career is said to be different. Hence, you must make use of their experiences by adapting your learning goals according to the research you have done already.
  • Preparing Questions to Ask Them
    Prior to attending an informational interview, you can prepare questions that you propose to ask. You can write some custom questions based on your research as well.
  • Avoid Wasting Their Energy and Time
    You can plan to have a phone interview instead of having an interview in person. By doing so, the other person needs less energy and time. As a part of job search apps, while an informational interview by phone can take really twenty minutes, asking someone to commit to commute and have coffee, need a lot of time.
  • Writing A Follow Up Letter Within 24 Hours
    Just send a thank you email as you do for any other form of an interview.

This is not the end of your informational interview. You need to stay in touch and try to reach out to them every three to four months. You can check this through LinkedIn or an email. This is a perfect informational interview guide that you can follow for getting a job that is of interest to you.

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