How To Measure Candidate Experience?

Are you a recruiter given the task of recruiting candidates for an organization? If that is so you are in the right place. In the first instance, you will have to start putting on job ads, using today’s apps for recruiters. Many job seekers will look into your ad vacancy of job post that you have created, using the best recruitment apps. Then, you will get a number of applications through mobile recruiting apps. Now, you can make a short list of the candidates by using a recruitment app. You may have to call them for a face to face interview with you. However, you need to study the candidate’s experiences that they have gained. The question is how to measure the candidate’s experiences.

Measuring Candidate’s Experience

As a part of apps for recruiters, you must know that measuring a candidate’s experience is a difficult task. In fact, you can find that only fifty percent of organizations have been able to measure the impact of bad candidate experience in their business. Besides, most of the organizations struggle and try to understand, which candidate will be responsible for the growth of the company’s business. Finally, how to accomplish this goal of measuring candidate experience is the question, before the hiring process is completed, through the best recruitment app. During the hiring process, it is essential for you to collect feedback on the experiences of your candidate’s as well as how they will benefit your company. In fact, you can find that there are four methods that can be used to measure the experiences of the candidate. They include:

1. Asking the Candidate

Here, you have to collect data about the candidate’s experiences. As a part of mobile recruiting apps, you can simply ask the candidate whether they were successful or not. You can also create a short survey for them to fill or ask them through a follow-up call as to what their experiences were like. This process will provide you with knowledge about their experiences. Now, you can compare their performances with their experiences. Surveying them anonymously is not done here.

2. Review Boards

In this method, many job candidates use digital tools. By using this, they will post their experiences, starting from job websites to social networking websites. They include LinkedIn and other social media websites. This helps them to focus on ranking their experiences. As a recruiter, recruitment app process, you can check for reviews by other recruiters for the same position. You must ensure that you have a critical eye with this kind of data source.

3. Searching Social Media

Through apps for recruiters, it is possible for you to monitor appropriate social media channels for gaining knowledge on potential feedback. You can make your decision accordingly. You can ask the shortlisted candidates to provide links to these social media sites and view the reviews of other recruiters.

4. Using Data Analytics

Perhaps this is considered as the most crucial, but still, a challenging method for you to measure the candidate’s experiences. You must take the benefit of the data, which you have collected, about the candidate’s areas of success, and areas where you can improve after final selection.

Finally, by keeping track of experiences, your candidates can go through a pre-hire process. Using the best recruitment app, you can not only create a more positive experience for candidates, but you will also be able to attract and hire the best talent.

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