How to Turn Lost Candidates into Future Hires?

If you are a recruiter, then you must know as to how you will be able to turn lost candidates into future hires. Here, your primary aim is to go after the top candidates until they accept your offer. But, this may not be the case always. Through the help of recruitment mobile app, you can develop the job description, hold interviews, and finally give an offer to the candidate who matches your requirements. Unfortunately, the candidates that you have selected may turn down your offer. It will be disappointing for you. Under such a situation, never lose heart. It is possible for you to turn the lost candidates into future hires successfully, through apps for recruiters process.

Real Challenging Task

In general, turning the lost candidates into future hires is a really challenging task for recruiters of today. You will feel that you have wasted your time and efforts while interviewing them and tempting them to accept your job offer. However, as a part of the best recruitment apps, it is possible for you to win them back as future hires. You need to attract candidates using recruitment mobile app process, through a well-planned recruitment strategy. You can bring back lost candidates successfully into your company. In order to bring back those lost applicants, there are three steps that you can take. They are:

Analyze What Went Wrong

Through the apps for recruiters, you need to ask yourself as to what went wrong. Try to analyze and find out as to why the candidates did not accept your offer. Find out from them if you have made your offer attractive. In case your candidates are open for further discussion, then try to remind of their value to you. Also, inform that you will keep in touch in the future. However, be sure to wish them luck with their new job offer through the best recruitment apps, as well.

Should Keep An Eye On The Lost Candidate

After you have analyzed the initial reason as to why your recruitment was not successful, you should try to keep an eye on the lost candidates. If that is not done, there is a possibility that you may lose them forever. You can take the advantage of the relationship that you have established with the lost candidates. You can get in touch with them through social networking sites, like Linkedin. As a part of your recruitment process by using a recruitment mobile app, you can follow them up with a phone call in six months, and see how their new employer is treating them. Give your lost candidate about the updates on how your company is doing and their future, if they accept your offer now. Try to seize the chance to convince them and invite them to join.

Keep Yourself Determined and Persistent

Throughout your follow up of talented people, while recruiting through apps for recruiters, you need to stay determined and persistent in your efforts. You must not let the lost candidates forget about you. Try to express your interest in them with regard to their career trajectory in your company. After some time, you can invite them for lunch or coffee, just catch up their mind.

With your strategy and persistence, you must try to win over the lost candidates by making them your future hire as part of the best recruitment apps. Try to give them everything you have promised. This is how you can turn your lost candidates into your future hire.

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