Freshers Guide to Crack HR Interview in First Attempt

Are you a fresher coming out of the college or university and well trained in HR skills anticipating cracking a job interview in the first attempt? If so, you are at the right place. Here is a comprehensive guide that enables you as a fresher to crack the HR interview for the first time. What you need to do is to select a unique platform like QuikHiring app for cracking your HR interview effortlessly. The guide includes several steps to crack an HR interview.

Get Noticed by Preparing Your Video Profile

You can use job search apps to make your own video profile. It is nothing but a video introduction generated from job search mobile app in easy steps. As a fresh job seeker, you have to register your name in the job seeking apps that are downloaded to your mobile. This can be done by entering details like your unique email address and mobile phone number. You will get a confirmation mail indicating that your registration is successful in the job search apps. Now you can log in and complete the video profile in an easy way. You can enter all the basic information that includes your education, qualification, training and skills. You can also upload your profile picture. Now, your video profile is ready for searching the job that you are looking for in your job search mobile app that you configured on your mobile.

Applying for Jobs Through Job Search Apps

When once you see the job ad, check out the details and its suitability involving qualifications, the length of experience, and other skills that you have acquired. When once you know that you are qualified, you can submit your application along with video resume, if possible. You can also prepare a paper resume of the traditional type and submit it. Now, wait patiently for the job interview call. Trying your luck with different company’s ad posts is always necessary.

How to Prepare for the Job Interview

Nowadays, an advent of digital technology offers tremendous opportunities for job seekers. Given that you are called for the interview through job search apps, before attending the interview for the jobs, remember that practice gives you great confidence. Practicing tricky interview question and answers will find an edge over winning others.

Process of Video Interview

The actual process of video interview involves the recruiter to verify all the applications of the HR job and shortlist it. As a fresher and one among the shortlisted candidate, you will get video interview notification through your mobile phone. Within in a given time frame, you should answer all the HR questions set by the recruiter in a video interview tutorial and send it. Now, the recruiter will review your answers through the video interview and decide about your selection.


Why waste your time! Download job search apps on to your mobile and follow the above fresher guide to crack your HR interview for the first time and be successful. Good luck!

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