Challenges Faced In Recruitment, How Remote Interviews Can Help

A company or an organisation depends on its recruitment procedure to get all the talents for doing its several kinds of works. It is obvious that recruitment procedure needs to be concrete so that you can select the best talents with matching skills. Recruiting right candidates for any job profile is itself a great challenge for recruiters. To beat these challenges one need to think very smart. Recruiters mainly look to pick up employees among the new generation. To do so it is better to use new generation’s techniques to get the best results.

Major challenges faced in recruitment: Getting right bunch of candidates is not that easy. Though many young and experienced talents are scattered around but it is tough to get them in a single place. Main loop hole in recruitment procedure is backdated recruitment strategies. Another big challenge is there are many similar companies around you looking for the similar talent to recruit for their own company. You need to win this battle to hire the best talents for your company. Modern recruiters need act very smart to meet these challenges faced in recruitment.

How Remote interviews can help: New generation loves to spend time surfing their mobile phones. They also look up to their mobile phones screen for anything they need. From booking movie tickets to buy a single stuff and from networking with friend to gather all necessary information, they depend on those phones. This is the reason they also start searching for job using mobile phones. Installing a mobile app and uploading a remote video interview is so much easy and thus appeal a lot to new generation. As a recruiter if you use such a useful mobile app and invite candidates with matching skills to submit their video interview then things can get easier for you as a recruiter. This way you can:

  • Invite all the candidates with matching skills with a tap of a button in your mobile screen.
  • Check out all the video intervals whenever you get time and need not to fix an appointment.
  • Set the questionnaire that you want to ask the candidates.
  • Choose questions from a preset template and save a lot of time.
  • Share these remote videos with the management and colleagues to get rating and thus you can take more certain decision easily.
  • Get an idea about the candidate before actually meet him/her face to face.

So, this way remote video interview can help you a lot in recruitment process. It makes the process much easier and save a lot of your valuable time.

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