Benefits Of Remote Video Interview Before Calling Candidates Face To Face

Recruitment process has gone through many steps process. In recent times recruitment process has become much straight forward process. But getting the right candidates for the available vacancies depends fully on the interview procedure. Taking several rounds of interview and setting up questions for interview is quite a time taking procedure. To avoid lengthy process people nowadays are trying few new and unconventional methods to find candidates to fulfill their requirements. Web based platforms like social media is the most preferred place to look for candidates now. But we can try something more specific ways like mobile apps dedicated fully on recruitment procedure.
Remote video Interview is a great feature offered by recruitment mobile apps. There are many benefits of using such an amazing option. In video interview candidates record an interview while answering questions set by you using the video camera of their phone and submit it. You can check out these recorded videos anytime and also can share them to get an opinion from your colleagues as well. This is kind of a face to face interview but from a remote place. Isn’t this sound great?

There are many benefits of remote video interview before you actually call them up for face to face interview.

It saves your valuable time: You can check out these recorded video using your phone as per your convenience. This way you can check as many videos as you want and then can short list the candidates for face to face interview. This way you do not need to arrange time and space for interviewee and call only the candidates whom you find more suitable for the available vacancy.

Get more and more options: It is obvious that you can accommodate a specific numbers of interviews in your office as you have limited time and space in your hand. This limits your options. But through remote video interview you can check out unending numbers of interview videos and also can ask suitable candidates to submit their interview video. This widens your chance to get more suitable candidate for the job profile.

Ask anything you want, to judge: You can set interview questions as per your wish and for better you can access templates to select questions from. You can set time limit for the interview as well. This way you can properly judge interviewees without actually meeting them face to face.

You meet only the best prospective candidates: By checking out video interviews you already know a lot about the candidate and this way you can set up your views properly. Now, when you short list and call those short listed candidates you already know a lot about them and only meeting the most deserving candidates.

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