10 Signs Your Employee is Looking for a New Job

A perfect job that promises financial stability and mental satisfaction is hard to find. Even if the job is financially satisfactory and peaceful a time comes when the employee seeks out for a better opportunity. It’s an inevitable process. The employee continually seeks new opportunities via some best recruiter apps and switches over whenever he finds a better one. Another reason for an employee leaving their jobs and switching over to other opportunities is the negligence of their managers. They are underestimated and are kept unappreciated. Even if they are financially satisfied, they don’t see growth in their organization and vice versa. For all these reasons the employees quit.

However, if you are an employer and you find an employee behaving unusually, he might be preparing to switch over to a new job. There are ten apparent signs which may indicate that the employee is seeking a new opportunity.

  • A downfall in the Performance
    A downfall in the performance of an employee who is willing to quit his job is one of the most apparent signs which could be seen. His performance will slip he pays less attention to his work and shares lesser ideas than before. The employer needs to keep a check on his performance.
  • More Usage of Personal Phones
    When the employee is busy more with his mobile calls than the usual, it is an indication that he is using job seeking apps or talking to hiring professionals. However, this condition should not be mistaken because there is the possibility that there are some personal issues with him.
  • Drop in the Attendance
    Taking more leaves than before can be an indication too.
  • Lack of Commitment
    Whenever the employee shows a lack of interest in new projects or is unwilling to give commitments for future projects this is an indication. Whenever there’s such discussion, they will keep quiet because they might not be a part of this future project.
  • Looking Smarter
    Such employee might dress up formally or unusually smarter because they might be returning from an interview in the morning or might be going for the same after lunch or evening.
  • More with Busy with Mobile
    They seem to be busy with their mobiles peeping into mobile recruiting apps. They are more active on linkedIn.
  • Maintaining Distance
    Such employees start keeping themselves solitary and maintain distance from possibly everybody.
  • Asks for something Unusual
    The employee asks for something unusual or unpractical knowingly that he won’t get it, or he has asked for something recently and didn’t get it.
  • Differences with his colleagues
    Such employees are always in friction with one or more of his colleagues.
  • Wanting to finish ongoing projects faster
    Although they are not showing any interest in the future plans they are performing more quickly to complete the current projects or big projects which they can add up in their resume for new jobs.

Although these signs may be an indication for the same, jumping over to any conclusion too quickly should be avoided, and the entire situation should be handled smartly.

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